One of our most frequent questions we are asked is about the availability and quantity of tables and chairs.  We are pleased to confirm we have quite a number available for use and should be ample for larger events.  Please find details below:

  • Large Table
  • Table Trolley
  • Stacked Blue Chairs
  • Grey Chairs
  • Stage Chairs


Quantity Size Dimensions (L x W x H) Seats
14 Large 71" x 27" x 27.5"  8
6 Medium 48" x 27" x 27'5" 6
4 Small 36" x 27" x 27.5" 4


Quantity Type
50 Banqueting chairs with seat and back cushioning
63 Plastic chairs (on stage behind curtain)
49 Fold-down blue chairs



One of the main attractions of the village hall is its stage.  Often used for Quiz Nights, shows, DJs, and ceremonies the stage is an idea addition to any event.  It's also popular with chidren who love to sit on the edge although we advise parental supervision.

We've taken great care to make sure the stage is fit for most purposes and has excellent lighting.  Over the years there have been many memorable events held at the hall which wouldn't have been the same without it.  The conference room is right next to the stage separated by a doorway and curtain so idea as an area for performers to prepare and get ready.

The layout of the hall along with it's facilities and location really makes the Witcombe and Bentham Village Hall a top choice even for those outside of Gloucestershire.


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